Rhen Prepares for Marathon

Snook is a repeat today. Birdette loses her feathers. We learn about growing up.

So what does Rhen do? He keeps changing the channel to either Mtv or CNN both equally disgusting this Monday morning. Although he did take a shine to some of the hardcore rap that was playing on the music television. He really did some nice jumping House of Pain style.

I’m telling ya. Rhen is going to start running marathons any day now. He’s such a monkey. He really has me on my feet lately. Must. Destroy. DVD player.

Feeling a bit sedated today. Think I’m coming down with a cold again. This will be the third time this winter. Yeck.

5 thoughts on “Rhen Prepares for Marathon”

  1. It turned out to be nothing. BTW, isn’t that “compassionate liberalism”, a combination of moral superiority and hypocrisy?

  2. It’s true, Ted. You should stop smoking. Maybe if you could clear your head, you’d see that Locke is acting weird just to throw you. It’s in your head, man! But we need a review of Season 1 to be sure because I missed a lot of the first episodes thanks to Dexter’s bedtime. Can’t wait for tonights episode! Woo!

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