Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Tonight we learned that on LOST that you don’t get to beat a man down into the surf without retribution. You also don’t steal someone’s beer or shaving cream while they’re off on a cruise.

I’ll admit, when the show started I was a tad disappointed when the dreamy vacuum noise started and we went back into Sawyer’s past. Yeah, yeah he’s a loser con-artist. We know. Let’s move on to the medicine man, or bald mystic.

Boy, I was conned.

You know, the show is still about them, not so much The Others. Still, I’m perplexed at this point (who wouldn’t be).

1. Nasty cloud of black smoke chasing people around island. I’d love to hear ideas on that one.

2. The Others. I’m not sure if they’re even all that bad. Part of the project? And where is Desmond? I can’t wait until he pops up again.

I still think the most enjoyable part of the show is the interaction between the survivors. Interesting little glimpses into society. I had to smile after the show when C_ said to me, “Sawyer had a bad childhood. That would mess anyone up. He doesn’t know.” I couldn’t help but agree.

One thought on “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold”

  1. My absolute favourite part about last night (other than the fact that I was bored throughout because I had it figured out and then all at once they took the wool off my eyes) was when they heard the gunfire in the bush and Jack looks at Locke and says, “You gave them to SAWYER??” and John looks like he just saw the end of an amazing magic trick and says, “Uh…. uh-uh.”
    Sorry, Walking Man. Guess you’re not as smart as you thought.

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