In Brazil, there’s no such thing as Valentine’s Day

So I’m watching It’s a Big Big World and Snook turns to us and says, “Is everyone just walking away from me, or am I just stoned?” Another thing about this show–Bob the Anteater is sooo freakin’ annoying and he’s supposed to be. It teaches your child tolerance for whiney spineless friends they might meet (love one, love all) in life. Still though, I wish Bugs would smite Bob with an anvil. Yes, I grew with a different generation of animated entertainment. The maiming kind.

Today is Valentine’s Day. Blech. It actually started with Catholics, but in 1969 they we’re cleaning house on saints and dropped Valentino’s day as an official church holiday. So, after you drop a load of cash on roses and crotchless panties, stop by this link. Interesting stuff on Valentine’s Day. I like how they had to lock it down because of vandals.

Rhen is watching his Baby Einstein vid right now. It’s the farm one. He absolutely loves it. He’s sitting, leaning against my legs all cashed out, just chilllin’ and watching the show. No crawling or destroying the DVD player. I’m so thrilled, my boy has learned how to passively watch television. I’d check to see if his jaw is slightly ajar for proper mouth breathing, but that just might be too much to ask for at this point in his development.

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