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  1. I can get you a translation if you want. I was up until 1:30 am buzzing excitedly online with my buddy. He found the translation through one of the Lost boards.
    (Oooh, in that screen capture, you can TOTALLY see the second glyph!)
    When the red digits came up, I nearly wet myself and my feet turned cold.
    FINALLY, Lost is exciting again!

  2. http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e183/Alyson3783/hieroglyphs.jpg
    It’s in there.
    ‘Course you’re getting hooked up on flickr, too!
    It looks to me like a localized catastrophe. OR it could still be an ancient egyptian translation and have nothing to do with English at this point. We may be reading a language we still don’t know.

    What do you think? Is Locke as intrigued as we are? Or is he too afraid to let it happen again?

  3. I think Locke was too freaked out of his mind to notice. He just looked scared/relieved when those characters flashed up. I would’ve been sitting there with my mouth hanging open, stunned.

    I still have a beef with this episode. They have Jack soooo out of character. Not the level headed Jack I remember.

    I loved the ending with Syed and Charlie. How very true. Apparently, Syed likes to serve his revenge piping hot.

  4. I dunno… Jack was a lot freaked, but bear in mind he thought he was the boss, and this is the second time he’s had his nose ground into the fact that he really isn’t.
    Him and Ana Lucia are starting their army, but meanwhile Sawyer has all the guns and Locke doesn’t seem to be his lieutenant anymore.
    HOWEVER, when Locke went to explain something to Jack and Jack said, “Shut up” with a high level of disdain and walked away? That didn’t ring true to me. Either Jack’s juvinile reaction or Locke’s accepting of Jack’s juvinile reaction.
    Locke’s aged a lot in the last two weeks. He’s had a lot taken away from him, too. (He, to me, is the most intriguing character. WHY CAN HE WALK? WHY COULDN’T HE IN THE FIRST PLACE?)

    I feel bad for Hurley’s frog.

  5. You make some good points. Jack and Locke have been kicked hard. Things have definitely changed.

    Hurley’s frog. 🙁

    I think Locke is a pivotal character and I think they’re saving his story for the end of the season. The real big show. BUT, hehe–when Walt comes back with Michael, it’s gonna be HUGE. Walt’s the key.

    I have this theory. In fact, I have a bet with a friend. A friendly bet. I’ll let you in on it. I know it’s a long shot.

    Locke is with The Others.

  6. Tell me about this theory:
    How can he be among The Others? His wheelchair was on 815.
    Do you have an internal History of Locke?
    I’d be interested to hear it.
    I love Locke. He and Hurley are my favourite characters.
    (Oh! The new guy: Henry Gale. My husband’s parents are Henry and Gail, so I thought that was funny. But is it like Ethan Rom?)

  7. See, writers can do a lot revision on a story. Go back a little, make the details work. Granted they’ve been true to the story thus far, but they can throw a loop anytime. My theory started with Locke’s phone call back in season one. Remember the strange call he took in his office? You’re lead to believe it’s about the game he plays in the breakroom, but I wonder…

    I gotta take care of Rhen right now, but I’ll tell you some more about my theory in due time.

    Hurley is a great character. I’m partial to Charlie. And well, Jack too.

    Can’t WAIT for Claire’s regression next week. OMG.

  8. I don’t especially care for Charlie because I work with a drug addict and so much of their motivation seems the same. (He’s recovering, too. Now he has a wife and kid and another baby on the way.) I don’t care for Jack just because of the way he wussed out when Sawyer stepped in to claim Kate. (Dude! There’s no goalie in the net! You HAVE to know what that means.)
    Hurley’s just so likable even when he’s stealing ranch.
    I would definately like a point-by-point Locke = Others analysis. I don’t remember the strange call. Was it in the first Locke’s backstory story? Where he was in the wheelchair and then couldn’t go on the walkabout?
    And what’s your theory of the Others? Why was Ethan so hard to keep down? How do they be so SNEAKY?
    Lost lost lost.
    I’ve been unable to think of much more than those scary characters today.

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