Go Bode!

Hey Yo! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged my blog at you all so here goes.

Rhen has been crawling in earnest for the last week or so. It’s a lot of work keeping up with him now. Everything is a Homeric journey for him now, every trip to a different room an epic conquest. If he needs to kick into high gear he does a squat maneuver using a tripod action with his left leg. The days are just packed, that is, I finally moved the DVD player up one shelf. It will only be another month before he can reach it there too. He’s such a little man. Yesterday, we shopped for his birthday present while Grandma Wieczorek watched him.

We finally settled on the John Deere riding tractor. It has a seat that opens up so he can play with his toy farm animals that come with the tractor. It also has two buttons on the steering wheel that makes the sound of ignition and one that plays his favorite song, “Old MacDonald”. Actually, it was an easy choice.

On other fronts, we’ve caught the Olympic Spirit. Last night we enjoyed the giant slalom and ice dancing. No worries people, Bode is gonna come through on Saturday. You know it’s funny. Before the Olympics he does some interviews, creates a little drama and hype around him–gives the people what they want because face it, the Olympics are a bit dull without incidents like Tonya Harding and Dan Jensen. Now everyone is like, Bode Miller is a big dumb stupid. Go home Bode. I don’t get it. He’s our own. I cheer him on everytime I see him. Maybe we just don’t like it when we lose, such fair weather fans. Far better than Shani’s stellar attitude. Talk about the self with a capital “I”.

Anyways, watch for Bode on Saturday. He’s gonna bring it.

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