What I Learned Today on PBS

That Arthur is an Aardvark. This was something that was under debate in our family. I’m on record for saying that Arthur was a wussy show, but I’ll admit it has grown on me in the past month. It doesn’t really matter because Rhen is at an age where he could careless that Arthur is on, much less his species. What I need are more Baby Einstein DVDs. Rhen loves Baby Einstein. The funny thing too, is that people using the internets, ain’t uploading DVD rips of Baby Einstein to bittorrent tracker sites. Imagine that.

5 thoughts on “What I Learned Today on PBS”

  1. Easy to find at your Winona Public Library, a copy of “Arthur’s Nose” will show you how much the changed this guy for the show. See the a picture of the original at http://tinyurl.com/qbz72

    I love your Winona pics on Flickr, by the way.

    The theater that is above the yoga/big guy shot– did you ever see a movie there? I think my dad may have taken me there to see Yellow Submarine back in the early ’80’s. And your pictures of swimming the Y take me back to when my mom used to take us to Winona for a library/swimming day each week.

  2. If you think Arthur is a whiner, avoid Caillou. I don’t know if he’s available in the states, but that bald-headed whiny little shit makes me want to slap babies and punch permissive parents.

  3. Aurora, where do I find Ted’s Winona pics? I did not see a Winona set at flickr, but I might have missed it!

  4. Teddy- Nope, I don’t yet have a flickr account. My husband is the artist of our duo, and he’s a painter. I just had my first child, so I might get some cheesy set going of her, but nothing artistic. Maybe I’d contribute to the “Pugs in hats” tag, too– that’s a fun one. But mostly I just like to ogle.

    The chef– the tag for Winona will up several of ted’s pictures, even on the first page of “most recent”– after all the Winona Ryder shots– I scrolled through all the the Winona photos at one time, and the other option is to use tedfoo’s tag cloud to find them.

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