Idol Moments

“Watching you perform is like watching a bunch of puppies play.” C_ and I cackled at Cowell’s comment to American Idol contestant, Kevin Covais. He is a doughy rosey-cheeked boy of 16 who looks more like 10. He sang an old timey love ballad. It was really sweet. We repeated the crack a couple more times for our own satisfaction and laughed some more.

Face it, you watch American Idol for Cowell’s cuts on the contestants. I’d say that the show was less mean-spirited last night than previous episodes, but still full of school yard cracks. The barbed comments traded between Cowell and Seacrest have all the sponteneity of a quickly rehearsed camp skit. It’s done each season. Drum up a little drama when things are slow going on the show. At one point, Seacrest abruptly laughed to himself introducing a performer and C_ asked what was so funny. I didn’t know, but I imagine Ryan just realized how much money he was getting paid to do this ridiculous show.

It’s interesting to watch the contestants receive their critiques from the judges. Randy is a moderate judge. Paula the easy (if you get bad marks from Paula, you really really screwed up) one and Cowell, of course, is the judge everyone is waiting on. He’s hard to please, his comments obviously mean more to the contestants.

Our favorite moment of the show was before Elliot Yamen’s peformance. The show does these cutsie “show and tell” video shorts on each contestant before they go on stage. A sort of teen heartthrob confession. Anyways, Elliot wins my respect by telling America, “I have 90 percent hearing loss in my right ear.” I kick up my legs while sitting on the couch to brace for the shockwave of laughter beginning to avalanche though my body. It’s just too much when you think about it.

I so, so hope he wins American Idol.

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