One Year

I can’t sleep this morning because of my typical upset stomach. I’m not sure what I had for dinner but it probably involved something with tomato.

So, I got up and made tea. Not coffee, I don’t want to wire myself awake at 4 AM. A cool weather system is moving through this morning. Lightning and thunder off in the distance. We’re supposed to get snow today too. Maybe we can take Rhen out in the Pelican sled.


Today is Rhen’s first birthday. In a couple of hours he will officially be one year old. Right now he’s sleeping with Mumsie. All tucked away. On Saturday we had a big birthday party for him with our families. Rhen did very well. Hardly any tears and he just LOVED it when everyone sat down for the cake and sang “Happy Birthday” to him.


During the song, Miles started to sing too, along with Owen which was just fine by Rhen. He even looked back to show his appreciation for the gesture. Miles sings beautifully of course, but the Coonhound sucks more than sings. It was the thought that counts though.

1 year monkey

We’re looking forward to the year ahead. I can’t wait until he starts to talk and asks me for water at three in the morning, just like I did when I was kid. I should start preparing a list of inevitable questions that will be asked in the coming years and start to research. You know, I don’t want to be lame and make something up, like the “Leprechauns sprinkle magic dust on the lawn and that’s why it’s green.” Although I could probably hear myself saying more than not, “It’s called Google. Look it up.”

I remember being at beading store with Christi a few months before Rhen was born. I found a magnet that read, “Parenting. The first 40 years are the hardest.” I laughed a bit and shuddered. Cold comfort for a soon to be parent. But it hasn’t been so bad, I’d imagine it’s the second twenty that is truly the hardest.

We love you Little Monkey. Happy Birthday.

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  1. Congratulations on Rhen’s first year. You guys look like you’re doing an excellent job in raising a little man anybody’d be proud to know. (Just look at the due trepidation and respect for fire already! 😉 )

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