Jack and Diane

Is it just me? I think Jack and Locke are like, the bitchiest married couple ever on television.

Lost pretty much ruled, but I’d have to say the previews for next week’s episode kicked the shit out of tonight’s show. Anytime hatches start going fully automated and locking down I’m hooked. Oh yeah, and it appears that they find Henry Gale’s hot air balloon. Yikes!

9 thoughts on “Jack and Diane”

  1. Wait, what?
    They find the balloon? Where’d you pick THAT up from??
    And yes, the whole shower exchange between Locke and Jack made me want to scrub myself Crying Game style.
    Unclean… unclean… (Is their character develeoper manic depressive or something? I just want to shake them both.)

  2. It was in the previews for next week. Ana Lucia says, “Why isn’t it raining here?” They look up and see a huge deflated balloon in the tree canopy. Crazy.

  3. Stupid CTV.
    I didn’t see that at ALL. Just the lockdown and it ended with Gale saying, “What happened?”

  4. Incidentally, did you catch the massive grammatical error in the translation? I think it was when they were in the doctor’s office and it said something like:
    “You’re test results…”
    Head-slappingly bad. I hate that.

  5. That’s for sure.
    When I lived in Winnipeg, somebody opened a little high-end designer furnature store. They had a massive banner out front for street advertising and all it said was “SOFA’S”.
    What I can’t wrap my head around is that SOMEBODY CREATED THIS. Somebody actually sat down with this and applied paint to fabric and it came out saying “SOFA’S”. Is it that slight a percentage of the population that knows how wrong that is, that it got made that way? Or was it just straight-up laziness?

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