Hurley and Grey, sittin’ in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Another Wednesday night approaches and I’m anticipating another episode of–that’s right, you guessed it, Lost ! Even though I haven’t read a single BB on Lost this week, I’m predicting a dead, dead Hurley by episode’s end. Actually, I doubt it but I figure if I’m going to make a prediction I might as well go large. So, I’m guessing that tonight’s back story will be about Hurley. Before they kill him off.

Let’s talk about another television show that has swept me off my feet. It’s a little darling called, Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s is to doctor shows what Ally McBeal was to lawyer shows. What makes Grey’s extra special for me, is that it’s the very first doctor show (outside of Scrubs), the very first serious doctor show that I’ve hooked into. I like it very much when the big equipment is rolled out and the big words fly. I’ve always been a fan of terminology. Not that it has replaced my undying devotion to Lost, but Grey’s does have higher body counts than Lost, which of course makes for higher chances of emotional outbursts, which is the only reason why I watch television.

rhen swings!

Spring has made a pleasant return to our neck of the woods. Look at Rhen swing! We walked the yard and discovered tree bark and dog poop. Weekend plans involve a massive effort to beautify our yard. We’re buying weed killer. Even one of those little carts to spread seed and fertilizer. We mean business.

coonhound leaps!

All is well. I’m not the biggest fan of spring but it is a step closer to summer, a season we can all agree upon as being a nice one. Especially Coonhound. He’s had a tough winter. Let it be summer soon, for his sake.

10 thoughts on “Hurley and Grey, sittin’ in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G”

  1. Oh, I FORGOT that Hurley was hiding food! They made such a big deal about and I was sitting there like a dummy going, “Wait, didn’t they EAT all the fancy Dharma food?”

  2. Oh yes. They all have their little horrible secrets. Maybe the food is tripping Hurley out. From the previews it looks like Hurley might take a nasty fall off of a cliff.

  3. Wait, WHAT?? All I saw was them beating up Gale!
    Frickin’ CTV!!! You get all the in-the-know good info. Now I’m going to rely on YOU for a “next week, on Lost” recap. 😉

  4. I’m sure if you went to the LOST website on ABC you could see previews for the next week. Granted, I haven’t done so myself. I would be more than happy to fill you in each week. 🙂

  5. No, I’ve tried. All they have is recaps. I did it last time, too.
    I will rely on you for all of my Lost information. Whee!

  6. Grey’s Anatomy–great; loved the episode with the bomb and Christina Ricci. We like House as well. That swing — there’s something sort of trailer park about it…

  7. I’m not too excited about tonight’s.
    It didn’t look like it lived up to the standards of the last couple.
    I work, anyway, so I’ll be watching it later. Like Friday later.

  8. Oh man. Heather. Tonight is gonna be huge! Yeah, the preview was low-key, but it’s gonna be a barn burner. They’re wrapping up their season. Every episode from here on out is gonna rock your world.

  9. I stayed up because my husband was too excited about it and emailed me, so rather than avoid his email for two days, I watched and read the email.
    What were the scenes from the next?

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