Advanced diaper change

Rhen has become such a squirmy worm on the changing table. A few years before we had Rhen, I watched a friend change his 1-year-old daughter. So chaotic was the scene that it reminded me a bit of medical triage. I have come up with several different diversions to keep him occupied, but today I feel like I topped myself. I calmly removed his pants, folded them neatly and placed them atop my head. A clear work area and my hands were now free. He was completely enthralled and clapped his hands together to show that he had learned something, too.

One thought on “Advanced diaper change”

  1. My friend does this to his daughter, only he’ll put them on her head and say, “Hat. Hat!”
    I think it’s more amusing for him than it is for her.
    I think it’ll continue being amusing for him well until she has sleep-over parties with her girl friends and he comes in wearing pyjama pants on his head shouting, “Hat!”
    Gabby: “I’m going to be having a sleepov-”
    Hannah: “I”m busy.”
    Trinity: “Yeah, me too.”
    Emmy: “Uh… I’m moving to Vanvouver that night.”
    Autumn: “Can’t come. Busy.”
    Gabby: “But… but I didn’t tell you when it is…”

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