Michael’s chattering teeth

I knew I knew I knew I knew it! I mean come on. Jack goes to the line. Starts hollerin’. Michael comes stumbling out of the jungle. Comes back and causes hell. I called this one two weeks ago. You know who you are. Man, the last five minutes. Wow.

7 thoughts on “Michael’s chattering teeth”

  1. Your blog! She tells me nothing!
    My goddamn video tape jammed up and nothing taped. I’m sad and require a full synopsis, Tedfoo-style.
    Or I’ll just get my husband to bit-torrent it and file transfer it to me and I’ll see it tomorrow or friday.
    Whatev. 😉

  2. HDR: It’s the new fake tilt-shift miniature.

    I liked your blow-by-blow. When I combined it with my buddy Anders’, it gave me a very thorough view of the episode.
    VERY exciting. I have next Wednesday off, thank christ.

  3. Haha. You will never ever see me do an HDR photo. Personally I think they suck much worse than the fake tilt-shift faux miniature.

    I’m glad you understand what went down on this episode. It helps to write about it, for me. Very exciting indeed.

  4. Yeah, I kind of hate them.
    I’m on Explore now. First time.
    The portrait of my friend Mark (which is my best portrait hands down and my best photo to date in my mind.)
    What an ego boost.

    I’m glad you’re not giving in to the photographic fads.
    Next two wednesdays off. YEE! I’ma book the season finale off, I think.

  5. sitting here waiting for 9:00!!! I am on the west coast so i see it after everyone else. of course my mother calls riht after because she is in boston and always says “you won’t f*cken believe it!”

  6. Ok, so I’m posting! I didn’t see the Michael betrayal coming – but I did call that Libby would survive just long enough to tell them it was Mike who did the shooting. However, I was disappointed that she wasn’t able to really tell them what happened. What is M up to and why did he need to kill AL and Libby to start a war with the Others??

  7. Tess. I don’t even bother to answer the phone during Lost. We let it ring through. Spoilers are bad news.

    Rachel, how could you not see the Michael betrayal coming? From the previews it sounds like Syaid knows that Michael has been “compromised”.

    Yeah, I’ve also decided that Jack is an idiot. You’d think that doctor’s analytical mind would be clicking away. But nope. He’s all like, “Michael is the best! We trust him totally.”

    I don’t think M is trying to start a war. I think he was sent to free HG. AL is payback for the Other that she killed. Libby was an accident. He looked shocked when he capped her.

    I think it’s funny that the episode was called, “Two for the Road”. Guess getting a DWI while filming Lost puts you on the short track. 😉

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