I keep the Protonix next to the coffee

“You know Teddy, sometimes when this happens, it is Nature’s way of telling you not to eat pizza and hamburgers.”

“I don’t care what Nature is trying to tell me.”

Prescription filled.

2 thoughts on “I keep the Protonix next to the coffee”

  1. I’m not entirely certain of what Protonix is, but the fact that you have it near the coffee slightly concerns me. Weird, but it also gets me excited. It’s that whole coffee thing. Why hasn’t Starbucks contacted me yet to offer free coffee for life yet?

    That concerns me more.

  2. The Protonix (similiar to our State Fair’s Pronto Pup) is for the acidic pit I’ve called my stomach over the past couple years. The doctor listed off a few things that cause acidic stomach that frankly I can’t do without. Caffeine being among the listed.

    But for you it’s all about the coffee. Granted my blog isn’t themed in coffee beans like yours– my love of the bean goes very very deep.

    Here’s to the first cup of the day. *clink*

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