The game of distraction

Tonight Rhen threw a major fit after being stopped from playing with the living room blinds. Thank the Lord that the six o’ clock news was on and the weather man was doing his report with hip hop dancers (I know they’ll do anything for ratings nowadays).

“Look Rhen! Hip hop dancers! Yeah! Hip hop dancers! Wow. Look at them pop and spin!” The combination of weather and hip hop dancing stopped the tantrum dead in its tracks.

Aw yeah Rhen. You just got served.

3 thoughts on “The game of distraction”

  1. Serving your son at an early age will make it easier later on in life. That’s good for him. I may have to link you today for your photos, mmkay?

  2. Hehe Angela. I knew that college degree would come in handy one day.

    Oh yeah Mocha. It’s all good. 🙂 Hook me up.

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