That shiny happy people album

REM’s album, Out of Time, is a good album. I’m listening to it right now before I go to bed. With the exception of Shiny Happy People (I’ve always felt it was their Smells like Teen Spirit ) and that other song, Losing My Religion (it introduced the mandolin to popular radio!) the rest of the tracks are solid gold. A solid gold alternative elevator going up and down, sideways and back and forth! Oh, my mind is racing! Half a world away!

You’d be tempted to say the rest of the tunes are pretentious artsy fartsy alterna-choke, which might be true, but they are essentially the songs that make that album damn fine.

4 thoughts on “That shiny happy people album”

  1. With the exception of Shiny Happy People and Losing My Religion, I generally like REM. But not before bed. No no no. Unless your mind is already racing, in which case, it doesn’t matter much what tunes are on.

  2. I can’t post this anywhere my husband would see it, and since he’s generally disinterested in my own blog, yours is safe:

    REM makes him want to do manly-around-the-house stuff. When I want something fixed, I put it on.

    My mom, when she learned this, gave me high praise: “You are the smartest f*cking wife in the entire world. Never let him know.”

    So, ummm… sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh.

  3. You’re right Kari. REM is generally not a band I would chose to listen to before going to bed. I prefer to listen to them in during the early winter. Afternoon. Accompanied with about five to six alchoholic beverages because that is as close as I come to a “Near Wild Heaven” nowadays.

    That’s very interesting Mocha. REM does the exact opposite for me (see above, wait of course you’ve seen above). I prefer to loll on the couch, pretend I have long shaggy hair, slur my speech and giggle until it becomes annoying for anyone in the room.

  4. Ted
    Alcoholic beverages (modestly consumed) generally make everything better, dont you think?

    There’s one REM album that makes me want to kick housework in the pants: Dead Letter Office. In fact of the REM albums I own (maybe four?) that is the one I come back to most often. It has Velvet Underground AND Roger Miller covers.

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