Now if I could only keep this mofo going

Huh? Two posts in one week. Not too shabby considering the last time I regularly updated this blog the world was celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall.

According to the so called stats package that tracks traffic on my blog, there were 865 unique people that visited my site last month. And I appreciate each and everyone of you that stopped by. Just like Fred Rogers said, “I like you just for being you.”

The scary part is that 865 people showed up at last month expecting something. Not a post dated 2 months ago. MIA. 865 people is about 8 mega-sections (auditorium-sized classrooms) at a university. On average about 3 to 5 people make a comment on my blog, which keeps in line with my university mega-section analogy. A mega-section is the sound of 100 hung over college students sleeping and 5 non-traditional students voices occassionally booming over the hushed snoring, sometimes waking the professor holding the early morning nap session.

The problem is Flickr. The comment stream is pretty much where I blow my creative writing wad each day. So, unless I have a paragraph long insight on an alternative band from the 90s or Rhen does something incredibly cute, I’m pretty much tapped out. Nothing left to do except surf blogs that are more prolific in the writing department and not wasting their time on Flickr.

Speaking of mocha. I quit drinking coffee in order to save my delicate Ming vase of a stomach from further upset. It was easier than I thought. I’ve been drinking one cup of tea each morning as a pathetic substitute. I’ve gone through terrible lengths to convince myself that I like it. It’s good if I dump a pound of sugar into my cup. Really really good.

Now for the family business. So thanks Paula. I’ve been using the Twinings out of the tea bus you got me for Christmas.

Oh. And shortly you will have what you’ve been seeking. When are you coming down for a visit?

8 thoughts on “Now if I could only keep this mofo going”

  1. I was pondering the “blow my wad” comment and wondering how that sexual euphemism came to be mainstream, sort of like football or baseball analogies.

    I saw a news story last week on “gentle on the stomach” coffee with a fraction of the acidity of regular coffee–you may want to look into that. Several men (why just men?) taste tested it and said it was worthy of their delicate stomachs and an excellent option.

    I’ve been meaning to check with you on the hunt and we were thinking of either coming down this Sat. or Labor Day weekend.

  2. I, in my pure mind and contrite heart and angelic spirit, did NOT get stuck on the “blow my wad” line.

    I giggled though. I’m still giggling.

    Also? I’m BLUSHING at your compliment. All day I’ll be thinking this thought: TedFoo thinks I’m prolific. Prolific!

    You’re pretty awesome yourself, guy. Teach a class on your talent. I’ll take it.

  3. Hi Heather. More writing for everyone! Yah!

    I don’t know Paula. Coffee with a fraction of the acidity of regular coffee? Complicates things. Then I’m the guy who needs to have “special coffee”. No one wants to be that guy. Give me a call when you’re ready to come down. You should get Skype. Google it. Long distance for free.

    Mocha. Mocha. Mocha. Your name is delicious. Lately it’s giggling and avoiding coffee around here. Class starts tomorrow. Sit in the front row. 🙂

  4. tea isn’t so bad.. I’m from the south ya know, it’s all I drink. sugar, and lots of it, is a must however.

  5. “No one wants to be special coffee guy.” LOL. That might turn up in a Mcsweeneys. Stay tuned.

    I quit coffee, twice. I never felt better in my life. However, it didn’t last. Sadly, no one was surprised by that.

    Good luck to you, though. Tea is awesome. Embrace your teaness. Republic of Tea’s Earl Greyer is a great morning tea. Not sure about the acidity content though.

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