6 thoughts on “Build it and Bob will ditch?”

  1. I’m betting he lost his product placement deal and had to relocate to a cheaper clime.

    Or maybe he got some kind of endorsement proposition from Sunflower Valley Chamber of Commerce.

  2. Bob built too many houses. The local real estate market crashed and it destroyed Bobsville’s construction based economy.

  3. Or it could be some difficulty with the machine operator’s union. When the vehicles drive themselves, that is a threat to every hard working operator’s wage.

  4. Fruit Salad – yummy yummy – fruit salad – yummy yummy….. Nice to know I’m not the only one tormented by Wiggles and Bob. Though in our house, Thomas still rules the roost. He is the king of our universe and – as Dex reminds me daily – “a little bit cheeky.” Has Rhen discovered Maisy Mouse? She might only be on the Noggin channel….

  5. It’s a little old for Rhen, but email me your home address, Teddy, and I’ll send you a DVD of This Is Daniel Cook. I’m in love with the show.

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