Pay attention

So my acid stomach came up like a rogue wave this morning causing a near panic, “Abandon ship! Abandon ship!” I hopped out of bed, threw on my life jacket, and turned my computer on. I’m thinking about having some tea because I’ve missed the point of return for sleep.

I learned a little something about Apple’s iDVD yesterday. You need DVD-R to burn the final project, not DVD+R. That’s minus, not plus. Unless of you have iLife 06. Then you’re fine. So when your computer keeps spitting out your disc and asking for a blank DVD-R, it’s not kidding.

2 thoughts on “Pay attention”

  1. I was paying VERY close attention and not once did you tell us what caused your stomach to behave that way.

    Oh, that other stuff about Apple? Yeah, I totally knew that. Hi, my name’s Mocha and I’m an Apple Whore.

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