I’m a little sick and tired

Another tedfoopodcast for you all. Here’s the playlist:

I’m slightly sick and I have to work today.

It’s been rather quiet on the internets lately. First song up by my favorite Minnesota band. Trip Shakespeare. Gone, Gone, Gone.

Wasn’t sure what next to play so I selected the Violent Femmes, American Music. How can you not like the VF? I did too many drugs…

Hey Jude cover by the Berryton Trio. Awesome cover. Hell. I like it better than the original.

Leaving you with One by One by Billy Bragg and Wilco. Sniff.

4 thoughts on “I’m a little sick and tired”

  1. You know, playing One By One is probably the only thing that would make me come out of lurking. Hope work goes by fast and you won’t feel too crappy.

  2. melissa pick up “the drive by truckers” for some allman-esque goodness

    teddy feel better soon

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