My wife’s ability to make a perfect mix without any effort

Maybe it’s because I love her so much, but my wife possesses the uncanny ability to put together a mix with hardly any effort at all.

Last night I came home from work to find my wife slouched forward at my laptop wiht her mouth slightly ajar browsing my iTunes collection. I should say ‘our’. I was like, “whatcha doin?”

This morning I asked her if she’d like to listen to her mix. Of course. I synched it onto my iPod and placed it in the dock that is hooked up to our stereo.

Even the name of the mix was better than all of mine. It was titled, “Christi’s Coolio Mix”.

This is what it looks like (click on image to see it larger):

picture 2  My wife’s ability to make a perfect mix without any effort

Each song locks in seamlessly to the mix giving tired tracks new vigor. I have no idea how she managed to toss in the obscure Monkey in Your Soul, Steely Dan tune between two new indie bands, but it totally works.

Christi’s ability to make a perfect mix is matched by her complete genius when it comes to decoupage.

Case in point:

C_'s bench she decoupaged awhile ago.

To me, it’s seeing the mix.

6 thoughts on “My wife’s ability to make a perfect mix without any effort”

  1. i don’t know about the other two, but i’d be interested in seeing a full view of this awesome bench….

  2. Wow. I, too, have decoupage envy. In fact, I’m envious that I had to cheat to see how to spell D-E-C-O-U-P-A-G-E. But the iTunes mix is amazing. Kiss your wife for me. I’m stealing some of those tunes.

    Also, I was going to post about this mix I just put together for someone and now I’m all embarrassedd because your wife’s is better.

    Totally deflated.

  3. you guys are so cool. please school me in the ways of good music. the only band I recognized was, in fact, Steely Dan. So thanks for throwing that in there.

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