5 thoughts on “What I learned from watching three minutes of daytime television.”

  1. What I wouldn’t do for some Santa Barbara and Another World in my life again. Passions is the shit at the BOTTOM of the shit pile. *Sigh*

  2. passions. you think they could’ve come up with a better name.

    i’m going to start using that as a reply to my ever-questioning husband.
    “honey. why don’t you put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher rather than leave them in the sink?”

    “angela. why do you keep leaving the back door unlocked?”

    maybe i’ll throw in a hand move for added flare.

  3. Huh. For some reason I was under the impression it was new. Thanks a lot tvguide.com. Still though, this is my kind of soap. So bad, it turns to good.

  4. Foomanted – you totally missed out on the best days in Passion’s history…they’re used to be a little person on there who was sometimes a doll, sometimes a human. Tabitha, the witch, was his master or mistress or whatever. Charity used to turn into a monster, because she was under a spell, thanks to Tabitha. Sick shit. But, I watched it. And, I’ll admit, I sometimes tune in on days off. I know it’s the shit at the bottom of the pile, but whatever.

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