Acid for blood

“We’re in the pipe, five by five.”

I always wondered what Verros meant by that when she eased the dropship down into the murky atmosphere of the movie Aliens. It didn’t matter I guess, because it sounded cool, just like her aviator sunglasses. I still find myself today quietly saying it as I pull into a lane of traffic. Now if I only had the sunglasses.

And that is the only decent Aliens quote on IMDB that I could find after my stomach woke me up and all I could think of was that line about the aliens having “acid for blood”.

I like thinking about that movie because it gives me a cozy feeling. It was one of the first ‘R’ rated movies I saw with my family. I remember it was raining out when we left the theater. We were all smiling having just enjoyed being scared out of our wits. It’s fun to move like that with a group of people. You walk a little faster and not because of the rain.

Oh, and did I mention that Bill Paxton is in it?

2 thoughts on “Acid for blood”

  1. it’s good angela, funnier than you would expect. heartstopping in parts but i’ve seen it so many times i dont get scared anymore.

    i can’t really watch horror movies the way i did as a kid, but alien and aliens are two movies i have a real fondness for and i watch them whenever they are on.

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