Shitball fork

Rachel sent some of her delicious cake along with us and one more great story before we left Kansas City. As she covered the cake with aluminum foil she presented us with a plain fork and said, “I’m including this shitball fork. Let me explain.”

Her dad, Dennis, is forever buying them a specfiic type of silverware. It is called, “coronation”. Very ornate. It irritates Dennis when Gabe and Rachel mix in silverware that is not “coronation” at the table settings. He will hold up his fork study it, and say something like, “I dunno, what the hell–I can’t eat with this shitball fork.”

I give you, the shitball fork.

flickr96  Shitball fork

Shitball Fork, October 2006

5 thoughts on “Shitball fork”

  1. Wow. Thanks for the enlightenment. Dennis would hate to eat at my house. All I have are shitball forks. A whole drawer full of ’em!!!

  2. Rachel’s father is right on! Life is too short to eat with inferior cutlery, ie shitball forks!

  3. Wait wait.
    I thought the rule was “Life is too short to worry about cutlery?”
    I should check with my mom.
    I suspect however she would side with Dennis on this matter.

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