It’s been awhile, if ever

There is a time and place for seeing a stranger’s bare ass. You need to be in a certain mindset, like spring break.

So, when I sat in my car at the gas station parking lot, packing my cigarettes before I went to work let’s just say I was lessed than thrilled when I was full on mooned. It was close quarters too.

Some punks in a SUV next to me. They honked the horn. I looked and WHAP! Cheeks, balls and everything.

I wish I could say I did something witty but I didn’t. I just turned away as they laughed. Eventually I looked over and smiled a bit shaking my head. The mooner got out of the SUV, waved to me and walked toward the gas station, treating me to another mooning.

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5 thoughts on “It’s been awhile, if ever”

  1. Rebuttal. I should’ve honked my horn. Then everyone would’ve got mooned. Especially during that second mooning he gave me. It was really stupid.

    Haha Kari. Just what I need. A picture of some punk’s balls.

  2. You got attacked by Mooninites! At least they didn’t spank you with moon rocks. How bizarre. I wonder what it was about you that prompted the mooning.

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