Annual PBS Kids rant

Rhen and I are huge fans of PBS Kids. When we started watching they had a stellar line up that I promptly dismissed as retarded. But I grew to love PBS in the morning. Hell, it’s better than The View.

This fall around the time kids went back to school they changed the entire morning show format and line up. It sucks. Obviously I don’t do well with change.

My main complaint is Miss Lori and Hooper.  They’re understanding, inquisitive and joyful each morning we tune in. It’s a little early for that. I really love the greetings they do to start the show. Nothing like having someone shout “hello” to you in Swahili while waiting for your tea to steep.

Then there’s this woman.  She does a song each morning. Ugh.

I know I’ll come around to the new line up. Still though. There’s no way Curious George is better than It’s a Big Big World. It’s good to see that Arthur is still king. Yes. This is my world.

7 thoughts on “Annual PBS Kids rant”

  1. “It’s a big world. It’s a big big world.” Such a catchy toon.
    I miss staying at home and watching these. (Audrey never really watched them, but I took great pleasure it!)

    Dude. LOST tonight. Insane.

  2. Some of it might be tedious, but I love, LOVE the quality of animation that goes into that Hooper character. I don’t think that I’ve seen another show for kids, or maybe at all, that has a completely 3D animated character in a real environment. I’m pretty critical when it comes to that kind of thing. I think it is really distracting when 3D tries to be too real, and fails. Ithink that this character looks really good, though.

  3. hilar.
    I just googled “Miss Lori hate” because I HATE Miss Lori and thought there had to be others out there.
    First of all, red shirt and brown pants?! a bad combo off the bat – but EVERY day?
    and the worst is that she “fake smiles” the entire time. And, when she sings with that show-tuney vibrato??? ack!!!
    anyway – made my day. thanks.

  4. I used to watch Melanie on Sprout with my daughter, and thought she was great. This Miss Lori really rubs me the wrong way. What a big phony.

  5. Miss Lori is the bane of my existence. They’re letting her sing more and more, and each time she’s farther and farther off key. Her tone is horrible, her pitch is disastrous, and her perkiness is beyond fake. The only explanation I can come up with for her getting that job is knowing the right people, since otherwise those segments are well done. But she’s a pretty glaring fly in the PBS ointment. If we had cable, Noggin would be on in a second.

    And that’s the thing: PBS really can’t afford to lose any more viewers to Noggin and Nick Jr. Why are they driving people away with a shrieky nightmare like this horrible woman? WHY?

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