Birthday buzz, or lack thereof

It’s my birthday and I’ve been pretty busy drinking beer, surfing the internet and fielding telemarketers that have been calling my house every ten minutes or so. If I happen to get a live one on the phone, I tell them to hold on a minute and then place the receiver to my laptop’s speakers. The last telemarketer (Lindsey) got a strong dose of The Postal Service’s cover of Phil Collins’ pop hit, “Against All Odds.” I hope she understood the irony of it.

Which brings me to my lack of birthday buzz. I have either been drinking way too much the past few days or there is no alcohol in this Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest.

13 thoughts on “Birthday buzz, or lack thereof”

  1. Happy Birthday, Ted! As a present to you I shall bake a small batch of beer cookies. How bad could they be?

    Also, I’m linking you tomorrow on a totally unrelated thing. Just so you know. šŸ˜‰

  2. If you’ve been surfing the internets you have no doubt received my birthday greetings. What’s up with you? Anti-social?

  3. I apologize for my laziness with familial relations Paula. It is no excuse, even on my birthday–must. make. family. happy. šŸ™‚

    You better have an assload of beer for Patrick after you pick him up. He likes to drink. Especially after flying.

  4. Against All Odds.
    It HURTS to laugh this hard.

    Enjoy yourself. Drink responsibly. That last part is not a requirement.

  5. We’re starting to lay in the ass-load. Hopefully it will be up to par and of satisfactory variety by Christmas. You are Not. Required. To. Make. Family. Happy. An occasional hello is all I ask.

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