On the difference between Phil Collins and Ben Gibbard

I have become a huge fan of The Postal Service’s cover of Phil Collins’. Against All Odds. You can find a copy of the The PS’s version here.

The Phil Collins version is sincere but slightly contemptuous. Perhaps all I can think is a little dumpy Phil Collins waddling around in a Member’s Only jacket. He was really good at throwing his balding head back and closing his eyes when he delivered the emotional bits of his song.

Ben Gibbard of The Postal Service sings a more sincere version. It’s like, he really means it.

4 thoughts on “On the difference between Phil Collins and Ben Gibbard”

  1. Foo you just brought back the image of Phil Collins in all his glory crashing back into my consciousness.
    Nice going.

  2. i heart ben gibbard, he is extremly talented. i agree with you about it feeling more sincere with ben. he portrays so much feeling in his music. i keep waiting for the day when PS comes out with another album!

  3. I have always loved this song, yet felt something was missing from it. Not anymore. This version just rocked my face off. Thank you, tedfoo.

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