To answer your question, Patrick

Hey hey. My acidic stomach just punched a hole through whatever whack ass dream I was having, so I decided to get up and internet for awhile. Also, I am happy to report that I was still wearing my underwear when I woke up.

Things in the hinterlands are fine. We had snow and then it melted. That actually can sum up an entire six months in Minnesota.

To answer my brother’s question. Yes. I did get the new Shuffle and it totally rules. So flippin’ light and small. I like attaching it to Rhen’s sling. With a storage capacity of one gigabyte, it holds around 240 songs. I thought that not being able to see a screen would be distracting but it’s not a problem. I start off in shuffle mode and then if I find a song that makes me want to listen to the entire album I just switch off the shuffle and go straight forward.

I also bought more Moo cards. They do such a freakin’ awesome job of printing. They love to print! A nice product, straight from the UK. First time I’ve ever received “Royal Mail”. Very thrilling. I’ll post some pictures later which probably means never. They’re tucked in their smart little box right next to me, sleeping.

What else do we have here? Oh, Mocha Momma recently suggested that I put up audio of Rhen. I know how to do this, but unless you’re his parents, it’s not the most exciting dialogue in the world. It’s mostly this eight hours of the day, “Uh, uh. Uh, Uh. ORSE!.” Then he waves his horse figurine at me and then I fall backwards hoping that the impact to my head will knock me unconscious.

It’s just that most of the time, I know he’s saying something else. It’s more than “Uh uh.” I think most toddlers are walking around discovering things and three seconds later are saying, “Et tu, Brute?” Yes Rhen, you thought that dog was your friend until he knocked you over heading to his dish for dinner.

Well Miles is giving me the “I haven’t peed since yesterday morn look, OPEN THE DOOR NOW.” I’ll wrap this up. For the dog’s sake.

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  1. I think you should put up some Rhen audio, Teddy.
    Maybe you could offer up some subtitles with it. 🙂

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