Airborne ranger

So on Tuesday it was like sixty degrees Fahrenheit and today it is a nipple popping twenty one degrees. No warm up in sight.

Big weekend off! All sorts of fun things to do, inside. Rhen is sick too. Poor guy.

I’ve been fighting off his cold with this great product. It’s about the best thing I’ve ever used for a cold. I know I’d be absolutely miserable right now if it weren’t for it. All hail mighty Airborne®! May your effervescent health formula smite the common cold. It really works. Taste isn’t so great. I’d try the pink grapefruit flavor.

2 thoughts on “Airborne ranger”

  1. hey foo…i’m a twitter/blog/flickr follower. enough with the introductions…there is a thing out there called “cold md” and i swear by it. i tried airborne and almost gagged trying to take the stupid stuff. didn’t drink it all, got sick anyway. my daughter and brothers have been sick and i warded the germs off twice with that cold md.

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