Gwen, why would you do that?

Last night C_ and I made an attempt to watch the Billboard Music Awards on Fox. A lot of our conversations went like this:

“Who’s that?”

“What are they doing now?”

“Why would she do that?”

“What is that thing?”

High School Musical?”


I’ll admit the Billboard Music Awards were much more spirited than the American Music Awards. There were more censored lyrics (with an especially long mute) and risqué evening wear, all indicators of youth and bad taste.

Not knowing the latest musicians and trends on Top 40 doesn’t bother me, but I noticed the bored looks on our faces mirrored that of our parents twenty years ago while watching our own music heroes take the stage. It’s inevitable. The next generation’s music is always going to suck to you.

That Chris Kattan though. Class act. He really is funny.

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  1. I was listening to MPR one day and heard a guy talk about exactly when someone stops listening to new music, which is apparently in one’s 30’s.
    There is also something called the rule of 20–you take a musician or group’s big break — for example, Duran Duran in 1985. Subtract 20 and you get 1965–theoretically you will be able to repackage and re-sell Duran Duran to fans who were born around 1965 until they are elderly. Of course, there are exceptions–everyone living seems to go through a Beatles and/or Rolling Stones phase at some point in their life.

  2. You didn’t like “Fergilicious”? I always get a kick out of music awards shows–from the perspective of an outsider looking in…

  3. I still search for new music. I’m just not buying anything that’s playing on the radio.

    There seems to be this new trend in music. Girls rapping and wearing a lot of hounds tooth and plaid prints. Sort of a duchess thing going on. I heard that new Gwen Stefani song on KAGE last night about five times. It sort of beats you into submission. Maybe I just like the Sound of Music loop in it.

    “Fergilicious”? She blew chunks. Remember when Prince performed at one of the music awards with his buttocks exposed? That was weird.

    It’s also interesting when a performance falls flat. We watched SNL over the weekend. Tenacious D was the musical guest. I dunno. Sort of old hat.

  4. I have a fondness for “Fergalicious” now that I caught my daughter and the other bridesmaids at the wedding she was in last weekend dancing and totally grooving to this while they were getting ready before the guys walked them down the aisle. It. Was. Hilarious. Good times. I’m thinking of doing a photo essay on it. What do you think?

    Because honestly…? “Fergalicious” has pre-wedding tune written all over it.

  5. Hell yeah! I’d like to see that photo essay because I’m shooting a wedding this summer and I need to remember what a wedding is again.

    You’ll come for the Fergalicious, but you’re gonna stay for the ceremony

    That’s what I would put on my wedding invitation.

  6. I’m so glad I come back to see your replies. That is a kick ass invitation inscription.

    Speaking of shooting things…I need to ask you some photography questions. I’ll hunt you down. Have no fear. Or do.

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