Certain information has come to light, man

Thursday will be my last night in the stockroom at Target. I’m not gonna trash talk the place. It had its moments. More in the beginning of my retail career and fewer at the end. They were flexible with scheduling and generally nice people. If anything I will miss the friendships I’ve made and the camaraderie that one can only find in the bowels of a large retail store. The lesser the pay the more camaraderie is usually the rule as I understand it.

During my two years at Target I’ve been searching for more fulfilling work. The open availability at Target allowed me to interview with ease. I was also more selective in my job search. I wasn’t so ready to give up that ten percent employee discount. It had to be worth it.

I interviewed maybe, three times. The last one finally paid off.

All I’ll say is that I will be gainfully employed as a library technician starting in the new year. I’m very happy but also worried about the new challenges this brings. And I hate the word, “challenges”. But it is what it is. It’s change and it’s never easy. I worry about day care for Rhen. We will have him in the best day care program in town, but still it’s not home. I’ll miss the time spent with him but it will also be really good for him. I find myself lagging behind his new busy toddler lifestyle. Gone are the days of slings and long naps. Sniff.

I haven’t been very active on the internet lately. I guess I’ve had my mind on other stuff. Really though, this job will like solve so many of our problems. Mostly the money part of life.

Christmas was a blast. My brother and sister (spouses in tow of course) came home. We drank and celebrated the holidays. We talked about Chuck Berry’s defecation fetish. Sort of ongoing. Apparently he was caught video taping women using the toilets in his restaurant. Just typical conversation during the holidays!

C_ and I received great gifts all around. I’m particularly enjoying the tea flowers my sister gave me. My brother got me the graphic novel, Wet Moon amongst many other awesome books. He works at Amazon and apparently they have a room of free books the employees can browse. He came through in spades on the books. Totally awesome!

Hope everyone had a fine holiday. 2006, at least the beginning part was pretty much bullshit, but it finally came around at the end and not a minute to soon.

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  1. Congrats on the job, Ted! Glad to hear that your holidays were swell. I’ve been thinking of you, actually, because my better half gave me an iPod Shuffle, which I fell in love with after seeing it on your Flickr page. It’s so small! And so stylish! I purposely walked to work just so I could use it…

  2. hey! congratulations, teddy! i hope the new job is fulfilling and that rhen transitions seamlessly.

  3. Congrats. You can go harass my husband on campus. Also be sure to check out the campus newspaper. It’s a riot.

  4. congrats, teddy. i feel you. on so many levels.
    planning on going back to work myself in the new year. only part-time to start out with but the money will help. the sweet baby days have given way to toddler terrorism and some days are especially difficult. change is good, dude.


    happiest of holidays to you and all the best in the new year.

    i might send you a present.
    just as a random of act of kindness.
    and, well, i like you, man.

  5. Dude. I just want to say, “Run. Run from responsibility. Run from bills. Run from it all.”

    Then, after I slap myself silly because, hello? Yeah, we need things like electricity and hot running water and sweaters. But honestly? I wish I wasn’t so commercial in my needs and didn’t even HAVE to work. Working is hard. It’s every day, every day.

    But hey! Have fun! Go crazy, kid.

  6. teddy, you are right, information does travel fast. analog people like me struggle to keep up. we sometimes remain in the dark for way too long about other people’s poop fetishes. haha, that story is great.

    it is nice to catch up with you. i’m real glad everybody there had a good christmas. you sound happy and i couldn’t be gladder for you.

    being around books is not a bad way to spend your time. good luck, you dont need it, but i’ll say it nevertheless. best to C_, rhen and the dogs too.

  7. I’m almost done with “101 things NOT to do before you die.”
    I’ll swap it for the one about 20 things that messed up the century or whatever it was.

  8. hey teddy! sorry for the dumb topic in the flickr thread. i can be such a moron sometimes. i guess i should have just come here and all my questions would be answered. sorry, again. 🙂

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