“Capote” and “Da Vinci Code” review up at Tedfoo on Multiplyâ„¢

I don’t know why I post these things at another blog. But I feel that the Multiplyâ„¢ format fits movie reviews best. Or I can blame Rachel. Anyways, the review is over here.

That seems to all end with the craptacular Da Vinci Code. There are only a handful of movies that I have turned off before they finish. After a good solid attentive twenty movies I just simply couldn’t convince myself that I cared anymore. I got bored and I turned it off. I think it was the hair. What the fuck was up with his hair? And flagellates. Yuck. It doesn’t surprise me that every idiot in the world loved this book.

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2 thoughts on ““Capote” and “Da Vinci Code” review up at Tedfoo on Multiplyâ„¢”

  1. You know, I read “The Da Vinci Code,” and I felt that after every chapter, the author wanted me to gasp out loud. Well, I didn’t. I thought it was a mediocre book that was simply written so it could eventually be sold as a screenplay. Take THAT, Dan Brown!

    Consequently, I never saw the movie. Plus, I love Audrey Tatou and “Amelie” so much, I’m just going to pretend she was never in “The Da Vinci Code.” I’m wiping her slate clean of that mess.


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