While this sleepy town sleeps I feverishly blog my thoughts

My pants are in strong disagreement with my underwear this morning. That’s okay, I guess.

The official count from the weekend’s snow storm ended up being like, 31 inches. I’ll admit. I am completely responsible for this awesome display of old school winter. Children have been periodically stopping by to thank me for Monday’s snow day. What can I say? I do it for the kids.

What else do I have here? I have a couple clippings from Dwell magazine of Herman Miller furniture next to my laptop. Someone in this house wants a fancy chair that will cost approximately a third of an entire paycheck. Understandbly this item can be ordered at Hermanmiller.com . With free shipping! it can be ordered at totally-said-with-a-straight face, highbrowfurniture.com. Because at some point in your life you will need a tea trolley.

I’d like to give a big Mtv-style shout-out to Mocha Momma who has been desperately, so desperately trying to get my attention for weeks now. I apologize for acting like the dude in Pretty in Pink.

More snow coming on Wednesday. Oh joy!

4 thoughts on “While this sleepy town sleeps I feverishly blog my thoughts”

  1. About damn time. I was ready to run around nude with body glitter and a pound of fudge on my head just to get your attention. Geez. You are sooooo difficult. Like a toddler. Like Rhen. Like Rhen the Toddler on a sugar-induced high of Milk Duds and Jolly Ranchers. Because, dude? You know I love you like Molly Ringwald loves what’s-his-name.

  2. Hey Mocha. I should of waited then. Next time I’m gonna act like the dude from 16 Candles.

    Hi Patrick. I’m too embarrassed to even post a link to it. Trust me. The value would not go up in our household. We’d have to encase it in lucite. Toddler. Two dogs.

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