I never said I was the brains of this marriage

It’s funny because a week ago Miles (our dog) had some sort of weird episode or spell in the hallway to which I loudly exclaimed, (not gleefully) “He’s dying!” I was promptly answered with a “He’s not dying.”

C_ and I recalled this story yesterday as we ate Ritz crackers and cheese with our son for lunch before turning in for the afternoon nap. Rhen’s party packed a bit of hangover (for me at least) but it had nothing to do with the quantity of beer I drank but more with the quality. I buy locally and for this I pay the price. The beer is always old. Sort of stale. If I buy it from the big huge mongo corporate grocery store the beer is fresh and actually colder, better tasting too.

18tedfoo  I never said I was the brains of this marriage

Anyways, thank you everyone for being our guest and giving Rhen such great presents! Friends and family sending stuff in the mail we thank you and hug you freely for your warm delivery via the USP. We appreciate it and thank you, kindly.

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