Locke, the most played sucka on Lost but at least he won’t be dead at the end of the season like Charlie.

I do feel sorry for John Locke. Oh, and I suppose you should throw Jack into the mix too. It is nice to see Lost regain its footing as interesting television. I think the mid-season break destroyed any momentum the show had. Anyways back to the show.

Were they really going to let Jack off the island in a submarine? I doubt it. And Just when you think that The Others really aren’t that bad of people and that maybe they are the good guys, that’s when they drop the hammer on you. I knew Locke’s father would be in the box at the end of the episode. It’s one of those logical conclusions but I was really hoping they were going to show a time portal to Boston or the Arctic.

You know Locke’s father is with The Others. Right? We know that because Locke is the most played sucka on Lost. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. Favorite characters right now:

Ben – I don’t think you could find a better villain on television. He’s sort of tragic but at the same whiney enough to hate.

Jack – For me the show has always been about Jack. Outside of Hurley, he has one of the most compelling back stories on the island.

Sayid – Terrific actor and another tragic back story. Not whiney like oh, Kate or Desmond or Charlie. Blugh.

Any ideas who they’re going to kill next week? It’s time for their yearly sacrifice? They like to tease the ladies with the ideas they are going to off Sawyer but that’s just to drive ratings. I think it’s Charlie’s time to go.

5 thoughts on “Locke, the most played sucka on Lost but at least he won’t be dead at the end of the season like Charlie.”

  1. I knew Dad was gonna be in the box too.

    As for who is going to get whacked. I don’t have a clue. There aren’t that many obvious choices aside from Charlie – and it’s not like they haven’t prepared that ground for weeks now. The thing that doesn’t fit about Charlie is – and maybe I got this wrong? – didn’t the preview indicate the person who gets killed is suspected of being a double agent working for the Others? Maybe I will go and see if ABC.com has the preview available for viewing. I might have misunderstood something.

    This was a good episode.

  2. One of the producers said that the five seconds of last nights episode was his favorite of the season. It was good although I felt a little let down in the -day-after-Christmas- kind of way.

    Oh please…let it be Claire AND Charlie. The whining…..ugh!

    I agree with you about Ben. Fascinating character.

  3. My first reaction was “Lock’s DAD”, too, then I dismissed it as ridiculous.
    I was extremely pleased that it was, though.
    My hope is that both of those new people get offed, because I hate them. (The blonde and the guy in the sports jersey.) But my guess is Desmond.
    ‘Cause why not.

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