The episode of Lost in which Sun doesn’t die

The Catch-22 reference seemed a little heavy handed for the writers of Lost but oh well, some chick did fall from the sky. I’m sure they had a lot to think about. Subtleties seemed to be secondary in this week’s episode.

My theories on this week’s show:

The gal who dropped out of the sky. She’s an Other. Recognized by the Eye-patch guy. She knows a lot of languages. I suspect she came to help out The Others after Locke blew their communications pad to shit.

Juliet and Sun. I think Juliet is lying about the mothers dying on the island.

Oceanic 815 survivors are all dead. According to the chick that fell from the sky. She’s lying about that because she’s an Other!

Favorite part of the show: Hurley pretending to call his mom on the fancy satellite phone.

One thought on “The episode of Lost in which Sun doesn’t die”

  1. Well that’s some pretty good thinking. I especially like the theory about the girl who dropped from the sky being an Other. That did not even occur to me. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

    Any thoughts on Eyepatch making a reappearance? Cause that was real surprising.

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