Once again, ladies and gentlemen – John Locke. Sucka.

Boy, you can’t beat an episode that is Ben-centric, explains a lot about the origins of the island and ends with prattling smug holy island boy John Locke in a pit of decomposed bodies with a bullet in his gut.

Haha. Hi Mom. It’s a television show.

Dare I say? Best episode ever?

But I’m not sure about all this Jacob business.  Interestingly enough in the Bible, Jacob loses his wife to the birth of his son, Benjamin. The Lost writers certainly love their Bible.

Big grand finale on the way!

Best moment of the show:

Watching the squeaky clean Dharma Initiative camp operate. Isn’t it strange that the guy young Ben met out in the woods hasn’t aged a bit?

2 thoughts on “Once again, ladies and gentlemen – John Locke. Sucka.”

  1. When Locke looked back and saw Jacob (just all shadowy-like and creepy), my skin crawled.
    VERY cool episode.
    I thought Ben might be a little loony, too, for a second.
    Nice nice nice.
    And Locke being totally blindsided and winding up in a hole full of bodies?
    C’mon, man. IT’S A HOLE FULL OF BODIES! Surely, that’s supposed to at least get you with your back against the wall a little bit. But, no. You take it in the belly like a sucker.
    Loved it.
    Can’t wait until Wednesday.

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