The Episode of Lost in which Charlie prepares to die but doesn’t–yet.

It was a run-up episode to the grand spectacular season finale. Getting all the players in place for things to get all blowed up because everything is gonna CHANGE!

Anyways. Pretty tight episode. I actually liked Charlie again. Lovable little Lost hobbit dude.

So, I’m pretty sure someone is going to screw the Losties over next week. I think it is Juliet or Jack.

Favorite part of the episode: When Hurley yells “WHOOOA!” when Billy or whatever that Clockwork Orange kid’s name pulls the gun out and gives it to Jack.

Hey. Did the gals in “The Looking Glass” have Dharma Initiative suits on? That would be interesting.

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One thought on “The Episode of Lost in which Charlie prepares to die but doesn’t–yet.”

  1. So, last night… That exceeded my expectations and theories by quite a bit.
    I don’t know what to think.
    More so than when they revealed the peek at the outside world last season finale.
    Lucky for me, I’ve got until effing FEBRUARY to draw new theories up.

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