The episode in which Charlie dies

Hey hey Charlie really does die by the end of the season finale of Lost. His website even says so. Drowns just like Des had seen in his vision.

Well, what can you really say? Forwardflashes. I’m not sure if we will see anymore backflashes.

I still like Ben. He does such a great job. I like Ben because he believes in the island and wants to protect it at any cost. Funny enough, you come to the conclusion that the Losties are gonna suck without the island. Seriously. It would be like coming off of the biggest adrenaline rush in your life. Ben is right too. What do they have to go back to? Nothing. Shattered lives. So the twist really isn’t making contact with the outside but realizing they’re miserable off of the island.

Really splendid episode. Too bad we have to wait until February for the next season. Bah.

Favorite part: Charlie giving his last message to Desmond written on his hand with a Sharpie as the water flooded the compartment, “Not Penny’s boat”.  That was the best.

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