Rock my boat

About a month ago I was listening to Dntel a lot. Then I got sick. Violently ill. I think it was caused by deli chicken but the official verdict was stomach bug from my doctor’s nurse. I’ll buy that because I don’t like the thought of eating tainted food.

Oddly enough, for a couple weeks afterwards I was unable to listen to Dntel without becoming nauseas. I was a little sad about it because I really liked this album (Dumb Luck).

Well, I have good new people of the internet! I can now successfully listen to Dntel again without having the urge to hurl my dinner onto my lap.

6 thoughts on “Rock my boat”

  1. “stomach bug” is nice for “employee had feces on hands while making food you bought”

  2. Eeks. I’m glad you got over it, though. I still can’t watch “Diff’rent Strokes” anymore without remembering the Vicious Stomach Flu of Ought Six, that my nephew gave the whole family. Maybe that’s a good thing, though.

  3. For reals? Holy shit. Well, look me up when you settle in. I can show you the Wilkie before they knock it down.

  4. Might not make it in time. Won’t be there until end of August. By god, I’ll drink to it though.

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