Rock my boat

About a month ago I was listening to Dntel a lot. Then I got sick. Violently ill. I think it was caused by deli chicken but the official verdict was stomach bug from my doctor’s nurse. I’ll buy that because I don’t like the thought of eating tainted food.

Oddly enough, for a couple weeks afterwards I was unable to listen to Dntel without becoming nauseas. I was a little sad about it because I really liked this album (Dumb Luck).

Well, I have good new people of the internet! I can now successfully listen to Dntel again without having the urge to hurl my dinner onto my lap.

6 thoughts on “Rock my boat”

  1. “stomach bug” is nice for “employee had feces on hands while making food you bought”

  2. Eeks. I’m glad you got over it, though. I still can’t watch “Diff’rent Strokes” anymore without remembering the Vicious Stomach Flu of Ought Six, that my nephew gave the whole family. Maybe that’s a good thing, though.

  3. Might not make it in time. Won’t be there until end of August. By god, I’ll drink to it though.

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