And then you come back, gorgeous and new

Last night I confessed to C_ that I was still having an affair with the Pixies. She said that while she too still likes The Pixies, she just didn’t like their live stuff which is completely understandable.

The song that brought me back. Off of Doolittle.

I like Kim Deal’s backing vocal at the end of the song.

4 thoughts on “And then you come back, gorgeous and new”

  1. Hey is my all time favorite Pixies song. But they have a lot of good ones.

    I can understand not enjoying their live shows as much as an at home listener. But I saw them twice and the Sept 2005 show in Berkeley was by far the best concert I’ve ever seen. Frank Black said he also thought it was the best show of their whole tour. It was one of those nights where everything clicked and the result was staggering. Everyone there knew what they had seen. It was incredible.

    Real glad you’re liking the Pixies. Dont run into a tree while you’re listening and driving.

  2. I know you’ll take this the wrong way but I’m not interested in the Pixies as a reunion band.

    I have a DVD of a live performance back in the day and they really had something. A presence and message. It’s like watching Dylan or something. I’ve realized that Nirvana is cheap imitation and that is kind of big for me. Take it or leave it.

    I don’t want to belittle your post. That isn’t my intent. I’m sure what you saw was special and good. But I see the Pixies as something dead (undead?) and it is exciting to listen to them speak from the grave on those studio albums. That’s how I imagine it.

  3. I was introduced to the Pixies in a cannery breakroom in 1989 on somebody’s second rate walkman and I didn’t get them at the time. Two months later I would have melted that same cassette tape down and mainlined into my arm if it mean’t I could get more of what they had.

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