Regarding my heavy affair with Rilo Kiley

Last time I wrote about music I was making out with Black Francis of the Pixies. I move quickly when it comes to music. My new love interest? Rilo Kiley.


She’s so hot. When I’m with her I feel like I can do anything and I think she totally understands me, like no other band has ever understood.

Oh yeah, OK.

C_ found her on The Current. Minnesota’s alternative public radio station. We really are progressive here despite our governor. I guess I’ve always known about Rilo. We met before. My good friend Joy has a pretty hot affair with her too. Rilo has played with The Postal Service and Dntel. I loved her on those songs and I didn’t even know her name then.

Our songs:

My Slumbering Heart

With Arms Outstretched


Teenage Love Song


Those are OUR songs. Not yours. So don’t even think about laying a hand on my girl.

This all makes me think about people who say there isn’t any good music to be had out there. To that I say, you’re lazy and you’re not looking hard enough. Talk to your friends, listen to The Current online and stop reading your new release email you get from iTunes every Tuesday.

Oh, here’s another one of our songs. Have a listen to what I’m feeling:

The Frug

One thought on “Regarding my heavy affair with Rilo Kiley”

  1. OMFG, it’s the little girl from Troop Beverly Hills.


    Listening to The Frug right now.

    Yeah. She’s pretty hot.

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