5 thoughts on “Stop everything”

  1. Awesome. Where are you stationed? Hey now we can stand on the corner of 9th and Hennepin, smoke cigarettes and cause trouble with the hookers.

  2. We are still shopping for a house so not quite settled yet. I have been bouncing back and forth between Prescott WI, and Plymouth. We are going to be buying a house shortly though. Meanwhile, I am working in St. Louise Park and becoming a fixture in the homes of my in laws-not unlike a 14 year old St. Bernard. I kinda like that river corridor to the east. Something about being by the mighty Mississip shivers me timbers in just the right way.

  3. Haha. Aw yeah. My favorite three spots in Minnesota are the Arrowhead region up along the north shore of Lake Superior, Twin Cities and of course Southeast Minnesota. Anything west of Rochester might as well be the Dakotas in my opinion.

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