Done gone

Nothing particular on my mind this afternoon. Just thought I’d write down a thought or two. I have beer and dinner is an hour away at most. It’s all up for grabs.

My favorite websites lately:

People post images they find on the web. Pretty simple. The quality is exceptional. It’s in beta so enrollment is not open. Via Kottke.

A series of social networking bookmarking sites. I check these everyday. The routine includes:

Music that I’m listening to? Sure, why not:

Death Cab For Cutie

Rilo Kiley

John Vanderslice 

I like taking pictures but lately I’ve been drawing a lot. It passes the time nice and easy and doesn’t require as much effort. It’s fun to draw people.

I haven’t read any books lately and that’s funny because I work in a library but I see books everyday and am glad for it.

It’s a beautiful autumn day.

3 thoughts on “Done gone”

  1. Dear tedfoo,

    I listen to Rilo Kiley recently and begin to like them : ) and I luv the song “silver lining” very much.

    Good to see you posting those great links and I wanna share one link “” to you 2!…it’s a website collects lots of legal songs (not spam i promise ^^”)..I am a fan of u (and ur family C_&Rhen)from flickr & it’s my first time to leave message…and I’ve been learning taking good pix and the idea comes from u! I’ll try to leave comments next time and more : )

    It’s Cait from Taiwan, very pleased to meet you, Ted! (ps. you might feel the weird grammar above…coz i’m excited! haha)

    all the best xxoo

  2. Heya Cait! Thanks for the link. I went straight to it and found Death Cab For Cutie’s version of “Earth Angel”. Very awesome.

    Nice to meet you!

  3. It’s called Arts and Letters Daily but if you check it daily you’ll get bored rather quickly. Once a week or once every two weeks is just about right. It’s a nice round-up site from various journals, newspapers, periodicals.

    Thanks for the links up above. I love kottke. does something similar and she’s worth checking out as well.

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