What should I do?

I’ve been sick for oh, it’s nearing close to two weeks. I’m at a critical juncture. Do I call the clinic and make an appointment? Twenty dollar co-pay and a prescription to blast the germs out?  Or do I hold the road and go for the glory of overcoming this wretched virus on my own?

What kind of masochist even thinks about it in this way?

6 thoughts on “What should I do?”

  1. Are you feeling like it is loosening its grip? If so, wait it out. If you still feel as awful as you did when this started, go to the doctor.

    What does C think?
    And I hope you feel better.

  2. Hahaha. Is that for me or Patrick? Because I wouldn’t make my statement that limited.

    I also forgot to mention the cure-all: chicken soup. But it has to be homemade. I’m sorry to be such a mother hen by the way. Bawk!

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