2 thoughts on “Epic”

  1. I just re-read that book about 2 nights ago. I like the part where he goes temporarily insane drawing windows. By the way, I was in Duluth this weekend. I think I love that town. The wife and I accidentally walked into a titty bar not knowing that “floor show” was code for titties. I was paying more attention to the neon “live jazz” sign right beneath it. And the doorlady was like 150 so I was thinking this place was legit but just when I was about to pay I looked up and saw titties on stage. Stripping in Duluth. Damn.


  2. Haha. That’s true! Harold does go bat shit in the city. I saw your photos of Duluth. I love that town too.. Every time my wife and I go I bring up the topic of moving up there. It’s that damn lake. I can’t get enough of it.

    I’d imagine strippers do fairly well in a port city like Duluth.

    You got a good jacket for Minnesota. Time to beard up.

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