I woke up this morning at 4 disturbed from a nightmare. It’s the same dream each time and I always take advantage of it by getting up early and making coffee. Nothing quite like it.

During these early morning interludes I listen to music. This morning I selected my entire Tom Wait’s collection and set it to “shuffle”. Favorite tracks included:

“Come on up to the House”, Mule Variations

“Poncho’s Lament”, The Early Years

“Just the Right Bullets”, The Black Rider

And just so you know, Tom Waits is completely acceptable music for the morning. Unacceptable morning music would be- Alicia Keys, ABBA, and Modest Mouse. Actually, Modest Mouse is never acceptable music. It’s like dude, write more than one verse.

In other news we are the proud owners of a thoroughly modern brand new furnace. Apparently, the other one was “running dangerous” and was going to burn our house down sooner than later. The thermostat is completely programmable for the entire week and I never tire of updating the Comfort Control Systemâ„¢ to the perfect um, comfort level. It really is a thing of beauty. Here’s a picture.

New furnace

I know. Totally hot.

Another interesting thing about the heating and cooling system in our house is the duct work. The guy who sold us our furnace (Bob) said that our duct work dates pre-WWII. It’s not aluminum, instead that used some sort of galvanized tin. Another indication would be the service label on the duct work. Notice the 4 digit phone numbers. We’re pretty sure these guys are dead.

dead guys’ phone number

Pretty awesome huh? Rest easy Elmer and Al. Your duct work is in good hands with Bob.

Spring break is upon us where I work so the next couple weeks should be easy business. Something I’m looking forward to. Rhen’s 3rd b-day party is also coming up. Today we set out to pick a cake for it. Something with Cookie Monster, I think.

So there you have it.

Oh, coffee. Just about gone. Time to do.

2 thoughts on “Nightmare”

  1. Yay for trouble free heating. Yay for lasting quality work by Elmer and Al.
    Yay for coffee and Tom Waits.

    As for MM, pffft.

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