Quiet in the house

Last night I dreamed that little bugs had burrowed underneath my skin and I could see them crawling up my arm. I’ve had a string of disturbed dreams for the past week. Relief is one of the most common emotions I feel upon waking.

A fine cup of coffee for this fine morning. Quiet in the house. Occasionally glancing over at a Polaroid of Rhen.

I have turned off the heat, finally. Probably will have to turn the whole business back on later in the week. Lower 60s for the highs. Spring just really can’t latch on to anything. Sunday looks to be the worse by far, topping off at a paltry 51 degrees Fahrenheit.

What else here? The end of the semester is upon us. Students are panicking busy writing papers and studying. The eleventh hour constantly chimes in our library.

Well, I’m C_’s alarm clock. Time for me to go upstairs and chime.

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