I’ve been thinking about the water we drink every day. It’s clean and tastes really good. In my mind I have branded our city’s water with a beautiful Native American maiden standing in front of four gushing artesian wells with her arms outstrteched and her palms facing the sky. Slightly smiling as if to say, “You are weary from chopping our forests down. Please have some of our delicious water to quench your thirst for greed and glory. Everything is going to be OK. Rest your weary heart.”

I had heard my uncle say that Winona runs artesian wells which greatly added to attractiveness of our city’s drinking water but I think his information is a bit outdated. It is possible that the artesian wells are still being used but at some point in the last fifty years I think they have been converted to a more modern well service.

While others may search the internet for pages on Obama’s VP choice and the recent Tutt-Kattan split this lovely Sunday morning,  I found this site completely engrossing.

Water Department

And this page more so:

History of the Water System

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