Hello, database

A couple weeks ago my webhost (hey guys!) sent me an email saying I had to upgrade from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5 or else.  Heh – actually they were kind of vague on the “or else” part. It was more like, “Hey you’re missing out on great features in MySQL 5 (by the way we’re discontinuing support of MySQL4 January1, 2009)! Converting is easy! Do it today!”

So I did it. I created a new database and clicked the conversion button. Transfer old database to new one. Woo hoo. Easy enough.

Now, to update the PHP configuration file that connects blog to database. It’s a few lines of code that call the database and login credentials.

Unable to connect. I must of modified that stupid config file for 20 minutes. Fail fail fail.

Below, the login line of code there is one line of code that calls the host name, and commented next to that line of code it said something like, “99% of the time you will not need to modify this line.”

I was that 1%.

Hello, database.

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